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About Us

Simply stated, "We are specialists in the global capital markets". Its our professional composition, in our DNA, the cloth we are cut from. This is our biggest value proposition.

Having all of our staff come from the capital markets organizations in the global markets, not retail or commercial banking, not insurance, but from firms that are players in the global capital markets, gives us the ability to better understand your business, different firms in the markets, clients and candidates. We listen and have the industry context from our work in industry firms.

Our knowledge of and sensitivity to each and every employer firm and individual candidate differences makes us unique. This is critical to getting it right, that is, bringing the right resources to the right opportunity. We believe in partnering with our clients in a highly interactive consultative manner to facilitate our clients' growth, enhance their value, and further growth and success.

Another of our important value propositions is that we are here for you. We assist you today as well as in the future, essentially we are always there for you. We walk with you during your firms' evolution or your career journey. Its not about working with you once, its about a lifetime relationship. We value our clients and our relationships!

We are selective, firms and candidates that we work with value what we do, our approach, us as professionals, and most importantly, the results.

We deliver!

We assist you to optimize your position in the market to leverage to the fullest, the human capital required in today's capital markets. Each of our recruiters brings experience, knowledge of capital markets, vast network of decision makers, influencers, and individuals at firms, professionalism, a solid code of conduct, sensitivity to confidentiality, and, of course, discretion to each and every search.

We are dedicated global capital professionals working for you!